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Product Description

The D950E is a medium large size, floor standing or wall mounting condensation dehumidifier, designed for large floor area application. It is a general purpose machine for controlling medium range humidity. It has an good air circulation versus drying capacity ratio. As such no messy duct work is required when this unit is used.

Unlike larger models which have very large drying capacity, which require air distribution channels like duct work to convey the dry air from one part of the room to another, the D950 covers good range of floor area.

The strong blower circulates the dry air evenly. Therefore, it is ideal for large space dehumidification application. Multiple units are placed at strategic corners of a large space. Installation work is minimal, with no than a simple 230 VAC power supply and common drain pipe

An easy to operate control panel is on top with a digital control panel. Humidity reading in digital format is on the control panel, together with several status indicating lights. The E950 has a built-in dust filter. It is easily removed for cleaning.

Special Features:

1) Automatic Control.

2) CFC Free.

3) Silent Operation.

4) Auto Defrost.

5) Low Power Consumption.

6) Digital Humidity Control.

7) Drain Pipe Outlet.

8) 2 Fan Speed

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