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Dehumidifier CFZ 10S
Dehumidifier CFZ 10S
Dehumidifier CFZ 10S
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Jual Dehumidifier CFZ 10S

Spesifikasi Dehumidifier CFZ 10S


LCD Display;
Failure Code Display;
Humidity Set At Will;
Wheels, Easy to move.

Dehumidifier Technical Parameters
Dehumidifying Capacity: 240L/day
Scope of Application: 300~500m2
Supply voltage: 380V~50Hz
Rated Input Current: 7.5A
Rated Input Power: 4.9KW
Mode of Defrosting: Auto
Circulating Air Volume: 2800m3/hour
Mode of Drainage: Tube Continuously Drainage
Operating Temperature: 5-38° C
Protection Mode of Compressor: 3-minute Delay Start
Packing Size: 770*470*1630mm
Net weight: 155kg

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