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FAVORIT W4L Water Stills
FAVORIT W4L Water Stills
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Jual FAVORIT W4L Water Stills

Spesifikasi FAVORIT W4L Water Stills

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Specification of Water Still W4L Favorit

Favorit water distillation offer horizontal thick wall heat resistant borosilicate glass boiler fitted with 3 KW chromium plated heater.

    High efficiency coil condenser ensures low temperature,high output quality distillate of conductivity 3 to 4us/cm
    Compact construction suitable for bench and wall mounting.
    Screwthread connectors enable easy fitting or removal of hose safely.
    Built-in constant level device with schott Vendura-Nova valve for drainage provides easy descaling without dismantling.
    Safety thermostat built into the heater protects the Favorit water still in the event of water supply failure and automatically resets when the water supply is restored.


– Output:litres/hour-4 single distilled
– Quality of distillate:pH-5.0 – 6.5
– Conductivity us/cm:3.0-4.0
– Resistivity megaOhm-cm:0.25-0.30
– Pyrogen content:Pyrogen free
– Temperature:25-35 deg.
– Dimensions:50(W)x(D)15x(H)45cm

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