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Harga Flowatch Fl-03 Current Meter
Harga Flowatch Fl-03 Current Meter
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Jual Harga Flowatch Fl-03 Current Meter

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Flowatch Fl-03 Current Meter

This competitively priced instrument (flowmeter – thermometer) has been developed for use under challenging circumstances. Because of its different impellers, you can use it to measure amost any liquid or gaseous medium.

Fields of applications:

  • Measure rivers flows
  • Ocean flows
  • Sewage flows
  • Hydrological studies
  • Chimney flues
  • Irrigation canals
  • Air conditioning conduits
  • Ventilation shafts
  • Aerological studies

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Type: FL-03
Made in Swiss
Dimensions:ø65 x 155 mm
Weight:235g (main unit)


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