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 Container Taylor Wharton XT Series  10 liter
 Container Taylor Wharton XT Series  10 liter
 Container Taylor Wharton XT Series  10 liter
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IDR 123,00


Liquid Container Nitrogen

XT Series

The Extended Time series (XT) of cryogenic refrigerators are designed for long-term storage of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. This series also offers low profile models (XTL) with 5 inch canisters.

Static Holding Time (1) days2780100230340
Working Time (2) days175062140212
Evaporation Rate (1) liters/day0.
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity liters3.
Number of Canisters66666
No. of 1.2 ml & 2.0 vials (5/cane)N/AN/A150150150
No. of 1.2 ml & 2.0 vials (6/cane)N/AN/A180180180
No. of 1/2 cc straws (10/cane)N/AN/A540540540
No. of 1/2 cc straws (Bulk 1 level)750750N/AN/AN/A
No. of 1/2 cc straws (Bulk 2 levels)N/AN/A150015001500
Full (3)12.55.733.815.434.315.662.828.695.343.3
Neck Diameter2.
Overall height17.2437.019.0483.023.8597.025.8655.026.3668.0
Overall Diameter7.6193.015.6396.011.4290.015.6396.018.8478.0
Canister Dimensions (4)1.5×538×1271.5×538×1271.5×1138×2791.5×1138×2791.5×1138×279
Roller Base P/NN/AR018-8C00N/AR018-8C00R033-8C00
Low Level Alarm P/NN/AN/AN/AR033-8C15R033-8C15

1. Evaporation rate and static holding time are nominal. Actual rate may be affected by the nature of the contents, atmospheric conditions, container history, and manufacturing tolerances.
2. Work time is an arbitrary, reference-only value to estimate container performance under the actual operating conditions.
3. Without canisters.
4. Canisters are also available in 5.0 in. (127 mm) height for XT10, XT20, and XT34.

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