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 Ultrasonic Cleaner Soner 203
 Ultrasonic Cleaner Soner 203
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Jual Ultrasonic Cleaner Soner 203

Spesifikasi Ultrasonic Cleaner Soner 203

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Features :
◆ Degas
Soner's family are standard with degas function to keep powerfulcavitation effect.
◆ Industrial transducer
The Soner's benchtop cleaners adopt high power, rugged industrial transducer, durable and superior.
◆ Higher Frequency
Soner series feature 53 KHz frequency to get more precise cleaning of parts that contaminated in small and hard-to-reach crevices.
◆ Stainless Steel construction
Both tank and housing are constructed of SS304, durable and easy to clean.
Applications :
◆ Solvent degas
◆ Cleaning for cuvette and test tube
◆ Cleaning for optical lenses and scientific Instruments
◆ Cleaning for various parts and PCB

Specification :
◆ Frequency:53KHz
◆ Heating:No
◆ Degas:Yes
◆ Timer:1-99 min
◆ Tank size (LxWxD):24 x 14 x 10 cm 
◆ Overall size (LxWxD):27 x 16 x 24 cm
◆ Tank capacity:3 liter
◆ Housing:SS304
◆ Drain : No
◆ Stainless steel cover: Yes
◆ Ultrasonic power:100W
◆ Heating power:No
◆ Degas power:100W
◆ Net weight:4 Kg
◆ Gross weight:4.6 Kg

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