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Paper Moisture Tester Hk-300
Paper Moisture Tester Hk-300
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Jual Paper Moisture Tester Hk-300

Spesifikasi Paper Moisture Tester Hk-300

Moisture Meter


This paper moisture sensor can measure the moisture content of a variety of paper types, such as kraft paper, liner board, copy paper and cardboard. The HK-300 series comes in three sets with different sensor types to accommodate the type of paper to be measured and the application: the HK- 300-1 set includes a grip sensor, the HK-300-2 set includes an electrically conductive rubber sensor, and the HK-300-3 set includes a constant pressure sensor.

ā—¸SpecificationsHK-300 Series (-1/-2/-3)
Measurement methodElectrical Resistance Method
ApplicationsKraft paper, Liner board, Copy paper, Cardboard, etc
Calibration curvesKraft paper, Liner board, Copy paper, Cardboard
Measurement range* Grip sensor: Copy paper, 4-15%/Cardboard, 6-20%

* Conductive rubber sensor: Copy paper, 4-25%/Liner board, 6-23%/Kraft paper, 5-24%

* Constant pressure sensor: Copy paper, 2-10%/Liner board, 5-15%/Kraft paper, 2-10%
Measurement precisionStandard error 0.4% (at 15% moisture or less)
Display formatDigital (LCD, smallest displayed unit 0.1%)
Power source6x 1.5V ("AA" size Alkaline), approx 0.45W
Dimensions and weight110(W) x 210(D) x 50(H)mm, Net 0.5kg (Only main unit)
AccessoriesCarrying case, Shoulder strap, 6x 1.5V batteries ("AA" size Alkaline)
OptionsPrinter (VZ-330), Printer cable (VZC-26)

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