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Pm-450 Grain Moisture Meter
Pm-450 Grain Moisture Meter
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Jual Pm-450 Grain Moisture Meter

Spesifikasi Pm-450 Grain Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter

PM-450 Grain Moisture Meter

This instrument can measure the moisture content of many kinds of grain, seeds, and other products. Using a fixed sample volume allows the weight, temperature, and capacitance (dielectric) of the sample to be measured. After processing this information with the use of the embedded microprocessor, the “Moisture Value” is displayed. 



PM-450 (Version 4501)

Measuring method

Dielectric constant


Grain, seeds, small objects 

Measurement range

1-40% (sample dependent)

Sample volume

240 mL 

Operating temperature range

0-40 °C 


Moisture:Standard error of 0.5% or less versus drying method. (all samples with moisture content of less than 20%)

Correction function

 Mass:By integrated weighing scale Temperature:By thermistor Shift correction (Offset correction) –9.9 ~ +9.9%


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