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Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Wohler A 550
Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Wohler A 550
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IDR 123,00


 Gas Analyzers


WÖHLER A550 Industrial Portable Flue Gas Emissions Analyzer Measure O2, NO, COH, NO2, SO2 in flue gas, Power supply 3.7 V, 5800 mAh


  • 7″ color-touchscreen as intuitive to use as a smartphone
  • NOx and SOx emissions measurement with 0,1 ppm resolution
  • In-stack Sinter-filter probe for dust protection
  • Battery-driven peltier cooler device – more than 4 h off-grid operation time
  • High-power sample pump for differential pressures up to 300 mbar
  • Built-in logger function with user selectable configuration


  • Wöhler A 550 INDUSTRIAL with O2, NO, COHigh, NO2, SO2, Bluetooth, USB- and IR,
  • Cable hose 3,0 m
  • changeable Gas Probe 1000 mm with sinter filter
  • Ambient Temperature Probe (plug)
  • USB-Charger with Micro-USB-Cable
  • Li-Ionen Battery
  • 1 waterstop filter
  • 1 coarse filter
  • 25 wadding filters
  • Plastic Case Maxi A 550


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