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Tabung Nitrogen Taylor-Wharton XT20
Tabung Nitrogen Taylor-Wharton XT20
Tabung Nitrogen Taylor-Wharton XT20
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IDR 123,00


Liquid Container Nitrogen

Taylor Wharton XT 20

This unit uses a Canister/Cane Inventory System and stores up to (180) 1.2 ml vials or (1500) 1/2 cc straws

More than 6 month Static Holding Time. This is one of the most popular XT models because of it's size, capacity and static holding time. An optional Low-Level alarm is available for this model.

Static Holding Time: 230 Days Weight Full: 62.8 lbs.
Working Time: 140 Days Neck Diameter: 2 in.
Evaporation Rate: .09 Liters/Day Overall Height: 25.8 in.
Liquid Nitrogen Capacity: 20.7 Overall Diameter: 15.6 in.
Weight Empty: 26 lbs. Number of Canisters: 6
Storage Capacity: (180) 1.2 ml vials or (1500) 1.2 cc straws

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