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Whole Body Contamination Monitor TWOSTEP™-EXIT II+
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Jual Whole Body Contamination Monitor TWOSTEP™-EXIT II+

Spesifikasi Whole Body Contamination Monitor TWOSTEP™-EXIT II+

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  • Automated: monitors operate seamlessly without the need for 'supervising' HP personnel
  • Fast: full body measurements in only a few seconds which provide complete information about potential contamination
  • Accurate: lowest alarm thresholds are achievable, even in challenging background conditions
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.


TwoStep™-Exit II+ unit is a whole body monitor to check for beta contamination (gamma optional) on personnel leaving the controlled areas of nuclear facilities.

A TwoStep-Exit II+ monitor features the state-of-the-art Mirion fibre detector technology paired with a Mirion monitor geometry. This monitor is a breakthrough in technology for gas-free body monitors by setting new standards for measurement performance with economic and robust operation.

The TwoStep-Exit II+ monitor is based on decades of experience in the development and construction of body monitors.

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