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Wise Bath Water Bath  WB Series
Wise Bath Water Bath  WB Series
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Jual Wise Bath Water Bath WB Series

Spesifikasi Wise Bath Water Bath WB Series

Alat Laboratorium Umum

  • Fuzzy control system
  • Digital LCD back light system
  • Up to 100'C,+0'C
  • Capacity : 6 liters / 11 liters . 12 lters


Wisd waterbaths are equiped with a high quality electronic controller and simple to use Jog-Shuttle-Switch for configuration. with this controller we are able to secure a temperature accuracy at high level and missconfiguration is nearly impossible. Timer-function, storage function for the set values of temperature and timer, alarm-function on errors and timer-end are really base features of our Wisd waterbaths. Input control elements can be disabled by with our lock-mode feature to prevent unintended missconfigurations. This has benefits in big laboratories with many employees.

Wisd water bath is equipped with an independend and configurable over-temperature security switch, with that you can limit the highest temperature, our water bath is allowed to reach. In this way you can easily ensure that the set maximum temperature you choosed never can be overrun. Our waterbath cuts off automatically. Overboiling or destruction of your probes now are things of the past. Our Wisd waterbaths are a reliable aid in your applications.
Each Wisd waterbath is equiped with a security power circuit, which independent from other factors on faults, prevents an over range temperature. So you can use our devices smoothly unattended with adjusted timer-function (with filled in medias which has a low boiling point and temperature settings which can overboil the medium, an unattended usage needs to be prevented always).

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